Flame Griller

by Flame Griller

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SomalilandCarl Been following these boys since the Freyed Knot days - great to have em back an cutting up Flame Grillers! Favorite track: Starting Up.
Unstoppable Beef
Unstoppable Beef thumbnail
Unstoppable Beef Best UK hip-hop album I've heard in years. Constantly entertaining and full of wit. These guys can really rap. Favorite track: The Negativity.
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Flame Griller are ExP, JND & Addverse

No autotune or explicit language was used in the making of this hip-hop album.


Flame Griller would like to thank:
Deprived Anxiety, DJ Hellblazer, Bellisful, Chief Wigz, Hashfinger, Paul Cockcroft, Major Kuts, everyone on Sinoptic, Vicky Flint, Ben Wilson, Luke Wynter, Geordan Reid-Campbell, Samir Dawoud, Freyed Knot, Shedmen, Mike B Productions, Spillz, Kosyne, DTTS, WY, Ejectos, Boisht, family & friends.


released August 1, 2012

released 01 August 2012
Artwork & Lyrics pdf by www.deprivedanxiety.com
All tracks recorded and mixed by ExP @ Sinoptic Studios, Leeds
Mastered by Ben “Bonn Lewis” Wilson



all rights reserved


Flame Griller England, UK

Addverse, ExP & JND from WY

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Track Name: Worsererer
I can’t think as straight recently…
Some things are going better – but others aren’t as good as they need to be /
I’m trying hard to get where I’d like to level out /
Searching for a better place than where I’m now to settle down /
I’ve not neglected music – typically there’s obstacles /
Trying to push my business ‘mongst an industry’s an option till /
I’ve lost the will, still I never would abandon ship /
I start earlier than you and finish later than you ever did /
You’ll never understand the urge to write a piece I’m proud of /
Hit my ‘cloud up and hear my beats banging that’ll bounce subs /
It’s more than a sideline to mouth off /
I play football, that’s a hobby, hip-hop’s vital to me – now what? //

Bernard Purdie (sample)
“Oh! Yes!! And that’s how my ghost notes came about and my hi-hat, my pshh pshh - yeahh”

Now what, man it’s time to make a plan and a list /
...Turn a planet full of managers to madness and risk /
I almost had it with the rapping, now I’m back with a wish /
To make something that I’m proud of: starting with this /
I was obsessed with the making it, forgot about just making it /
My hatred for the fakes grew greater, every day I’d sit /
Baked with a spliff in hand, medicine for the procrastinator /
Helps ‘em pass their days encapsulated in their fascinations /
I stay infatuated with the pad and paper /
Can’t say I gave the grass a break but rap remains my lasting saviour /
So now I have to make a lasting statement that creates the /
Passion in my brain I have for music in a math equation //

Take the sample add a dash of flavour /
Shuffle up the hats and breaks to multiply the fatness saturating /
Don’t forget the damn remainder /
You need some drive to push your project past it’s infancy to grasp a status which’d harvest wages… /
A crusty vinyl crackle wave recording /
Makes a portion of the statement forming: spawns the basis, always /
Coz without the factors main support it’s not the same /
Before you even think of plotting prose you need a lot in place //

I’ve never lost the chase – not now I’ve got the taste /
Even though the profit’s not the same as normal office rates /
It’s not what I’m paid – and never how the offer’s made /
My occupation’s writing raps to tracks to pass it off as trade /
I’m quite excited by the fact I’ve got a lot to make /
I’m only getting started and I know exactly what’s at stake /
No time for stopping, got to make my way across and take /
Grab whatever’s on the plate and scoff it like I’ve lost some weight /
Hungry for the hot debate – what’s the topic of the day? /
See this look across my face? Never gonna drop the case /
Nor will I drop no names, even in this sorry state /
Cos things have got a little out of hand now, I’ve got to say //

And the hulk rides off into the sunset. Bye Hulk!
Track Name: Flame Griller Prelude
It’s Flame Griller, supercala-fragalistic /
Three heads from WY – we’re tight fisted /
On these mics we spit with /
Throw a little beat on the side, ride the vibe /
And then get high and lifted /
It’s time for the gifted /
To spit a bit of rhyme for the twisted /
I spy with my little eyes three guys in the picture /
Wiser than Einstein with a divine set of minds to blind listeners //

And FG's on a different vibe, it’s the /
Chords rising and taught rhymes with charisma /
A sure sign you're aboard my drift of thought /
Might assist in your fist lifting toward the sky, mister /
And if you're supporting my wish to cavort with mics: sorted /
That’s all I think of while scrawling my /
Simple lines forming the gist, aligned, it's defined forthwith /
Scripts that encapsulate my forces //

Born to this artform always support it /
They’re sure that it’s dead and they forfeit, it’s morbid /
But from where I am it seems more like it’s jaundice /
Caused by a shortage of thought to reform it /
It means more to us than the flaunting of Porches /
I’m snoring in boredom, it’s rawness it’s short of /
Unfortunate for us but nor should we all just /
Ignore it and cause it to form into corpses //

Chorus 1
It’s the Flame Grillers serving you, words a bit differently /
No hates filling the verse in this instance, we /
Showcase skill with them worked to fit in between /
Dope breaks instilling the worth in turn building, we /
Flame Griller a verse with verbs hit the beat /
Straight sizzling service certainly singes speech /
Usurp slippery serpents spit synonyms at ninja speed /
And if you sit shivering we’ll bring the heat //

And in spite of this certainty /
We juggle mics with a tighter grip permanently / nice with the verbals we /
Work harder, won't shirk the beat, fit the words it needs /
If you've lit your herbals, breathe, release, now repeat it, please /
And that’s only appropriate, if you smoke copious green /
If you don't and you're sober as me /
With your focussed honed over my speech /
Then you'll notice I'm potently dope if there’s opponents opposing my team //

Keen, to be noted and seen /
Cos no-one can blow up from hopes and a dream /
So we just mosey on, trying to grow from a seed /
With belief and a reason to cope with the grief /
Most of us seem to be hopeless with low self esteem /
Too scared to just go make a scene /
But you’ve only a brief life, a moment indeed /
So just own it, stop moaning and don’t wait and see //

Move at a stellar speed /
Split my cerebellum into three symmetrical sides – pieces of energy /
One for the left of me, control telepathy /
Thinking up a recipe to follow it incessantly /
Second is my right side, dedicated by pride /
Ready to elevate it and celebrate the high times /
I spy, one piece left in my minds eye /
That’s my, verse to this beat, back in hindsight //

Flame Griller charging through; other dudes are starving you /
We bring enough heat to cook the meat on your barbecue /
At the park or with your garden crew, break bread and part the two /
We’re putting summat of substance in your party food //
Track Name: Spider Gruffalon
JND (as the Spider)
Who's that 8-Legged invertebrate / Fly munching carnivore /
Star of your web infested party wall /
Hardly small; army of us starting war on the human species /
Bring your cup and paper but believe me /
I'm coming back to haunt the place / I spawned my race superior to yours /
I'll survive a nuclear assault and all /
I'm that super spider striding on your floor /
Got you thinking twice before you enter or attempt to call for help, of course /
My giant fangs are primed, attack /
Inject the right amount to leave your vital stats and chances of survival slashed /
Don't think because my tiny back doesn’t have a spine attached /
I won't bite you several times until you're lying flat /
You won't deny me that //

Addverse (as the Fly)
I’m a tiny fly flying round your flat, spreading crap /
On your bedding, after laying eggs in some infested rat /
Landing on your shoulder, flying past your nose and over /
Casanova of the skies, you guys are super slow /
Newspaper rolled up swooping lower trying to stop me /
You can’t swat me, try and spot and splat a tiny dot with every copy! /
Drinking up your cup of coffee, regurgitating it /
It’s certain I was Satan's gift to earth when God was making it /
So, blaze your citronella, and spray your pesticides /
Repellent for the insects and flies that terrorize your lives /
...I’m guessing I’ll survive, try pulling off a leg /
The only thing to catch me in the end will be a spider’s web //

I was chilling in Sinoptic listening to “Simon Says”/
Till I, “got the f up” - I was mithered by a fly insect /
It was buzzing round my eyes and head /
...it’s bad enough to find ‘em dead /
Without them trying to get inside my sinuses /
Nearly knocked-over my pint of Becks /
As I sprang to life to get this pint sized pest some time to rest in silence /
Missed it with the first swipe I guess I need to try progress my skills in stealth and slyness and stop it flipping flying! /
It lands on a flat surface my hands on my last purchased magazine and I’m perching, waiting for the vital moment /
My eyes are open barely blinking as I sidle closer with the slightest motions so its compact eye won’t spy me holding /
The rolled up magazine above its head it’s bloomin’ dead and just as I delivered the crushing blow...
It bloody left //

JND (as the Spider)
I watch the humanoid raise aloft his feeble limb /
This fly’s not even his to eat, that’s my tea; I grin /
The speed at which he's trying to beat upon this evil thing /
Isn't speed enough; it's his approach that needs upheaval bring /
Another way of skinning cats to capture game /
That’s why I'm spinning webs the size of planets at my vantage place /
Cocooning fools for later the bodies saturate /
The web of which I'm centre of, I know you'd love the aftertaste /
But I've got bigger fish to fry, coz after fly’s caught /
I'm moving up the food chain, beside y'all /
Consuming humans till my kind walk the surface of this terra firmas life source /
And you'll be mine to dine on //

Addverse (as the Fly)
Intoxicating is the place that I’m residing in /
The flyest leviathan that’s hiding inside a cider tin /
My environment you find terrifying and frightening /
A sabre-toothed-super-high-flyer drinking nitrogen /
I spy a spider that used to be twice the size /
Then I tried devising a method of multiplying my own strength /
And my oh my did I finally get it right I guess /
It’s time to play spider versus fly and put it to the test /
I’m ripping up his webs it’s easier than ever now /
Never will I need to see who's round before I settle down /
I can take a human to the ground without making sound /
Now I’m star trooper super fly in metal gowns /
No point in getting down you better smile and never frown /
I am taking over now, any city, every town /
Any person, every place, every specie you can find /
This is the dawn of the spawning of the super fly //
Track Name: SuperFly
I'm dropping Bradford raps; superfly /
Beyond the comprehension of you stupid types who are new to mics /
You cats are getting neutered while I'm a vet staying true with rhymes /
Killing off you call of duty newbie types /
If you spark a doobie, high as ozone /
I'm supplying dope flows just to complement the nicest homegrown /
And rightly so, bro / but if it's summat less /
It's summat I can't stomach yet, there's plenty of you loving it /
I'm tired of you lot with the same style, never saying much /
Over bassline beats getting played in clubs /
I guess that’s what you really love but really love? /
Where’s the substance, where's the flavour? Oh, there isn't much /
I'll never dumb it down, but you should smarten up /
If you're gonna do it, do it justice, but you hardly could /
And what I fail to fathom is the large demand for it /
But I ‘spose that goes for brown addicts as well as heads that bounce to shhhh //

I spit the Leeds stuff, superfly /
...These days Youtube decides who survives/
...How many views and likes, on your latest upload of useless shh /
Jus make sure the video directors do it right /
...Doesn’t even matter what the music’s like /
It’s suicide to choose a mic and not think what your tune looks like /
After all “it’s too hard to take in all the words” /
And when was the last time your favourite rapper made a proper verse /
People need to force feed their eyes before their ears /
Beauty was once more than skin deep, now that’s all there is /
And underneath’s an ugly ___ who leaves before you met her /
For weeks later you try and think back and can’t remember /
So what was number one a month ago, just another bloke /
Or woman who was humming nothing but a bunch of smoke /
And they wonder why the fruit of UK talent couldn’t grow /
Cos there’s so many weeds in the way the sun just doesn’t show //

My style’s Sinoptic and superfly /
Star Trooper slash a Light Saber-toothed tiger with a human vibe /
I keep it true and let the passion help me stay alive /
Many of these new school artists are displaying lies /
For me it’s never that, most of them pretend to rap /
So ten times out of ten my tiny temper’s gonna snap /
You feel the passion of it? /
One hell of a hot topic, most guys who rock the mic are shh like a dog squatting /
And I have not forgotten, how I have a lot in common /
Except the rhymes I write are not as whack and not as often /
I want some intellect in anything of interest /
When listening to lyrics that another living has said /
And I will not invest in anything that’s any less /
Especially if any press have said their music’s at its best /
I find it patronising – I’ll be the judge of that /
There's no point in advertising any of your f_____ //
Track Name: Where We Live
…How bout it – from now till I’m down six –

JND, ExP & Addverse
This is Yorkshire we drink tea we don’t pronounce it/

No doubt it’s, Flame Griller announcing –

JND, ExP & Addverse
This is Yorkshire we drink tea we don’t pronounce it//

In a comfy old Yorkshire town
Where it’s pouring down
It’s where we live…

Inside Drinking cups of tea
It’s enough for me
It’s where we live...

...Where there’s rolling hills
And a load of mills
It’s where we live…

And though most want to go
It’s still our home
It’s where we live …
Track Name: Where We Live (reprise)
In a comfy old Yorkshire town /
Where it’s pouring down /
And the skies are Grey /
Inside drinking cups of tea /
It’s enough for me /
To let my mind escape /
Where there’s rolling hills /
And a load of mills /
And they harvest grade /
And though most want to go /
It’s still our home /
And Dub Y’s the name //

Dub Y’s the name /
Put aside the hate /
Some guys love punchlines, some rhyme for days /
Feel inclined to say /
This is my kind of place /
Represented by double you why, shouts to Bane /
I get slightly blazed, make beats, write a page /
Record it, have a cypher, my 5-a-day /
And cos skies are grey, and there’s signs of rain /
We’re inside sampling vinyl from night to day /
NY’s the place, where hip-hop was born /
So Yorkshire’s the place to be, props to York /
On the moors with a boombox or on ya porch /
Flame Grilling lots of pork, goes on till dawn /
What’s The Score? Good hip-hop from ninety six /
Ignite spliffs, sipping pints write a rhyme to this/
It’s like life isn’t right without the kind of riffs /
That we cut from jazz records till it’s time to chip /
Or it’s time to blend, or it’s time to bounce /
Or it’s time to do one, or this time we’re out /
Barely a moment of my life spent in silence now /
I wake up and fall asleep to the righteous sound /
Clear mind in the morning or the sorest head /
Always support the community of Yorkshire’s West /
Hip-Hop everywhere else is a corpse it’s dead /
They wonder why we shout Yorkshire at your event //

In a comfy old Yorkshire town /
Where it’s pouring down /
And the skies are Grey /
Inside drinking cups of tea /
It’s enough for me /
To let my mind escape /
Where there’s rolling hills /
And a load of mills /
And they harvest grade /
And though most want to go /
It’s still our home /
And Dub Y’s the name //

I rep Yorkshire, yeah we’ve got the north and the south /
But its West where we got the best talk from the mouth /
Leaving others thinking how come, teaching you the outcome /
Of cyphers, hard work, EPs and albums /
The CDs are now done, come grab some next clothes /
Whether they're WY, BOISHT or EJECTOS /
Respect those, heads representing the county /
We proudly shout out it’s now getting rowdy /
Funky, a lot of things around me disgust me /
The state of my estate is ugly /
You've got to take the rough with the smooth now the ride’s getting bumpy /
Trust me, I still I got love for God’s country /
It’s not an accident I live where I’m happy, that’s /
Surrounded by Leeds, Huddersfield to Halifax /
Wakefield to Pontefract, Bradford and Bingley /
Horsforth to Yeadon, Brighouse, Tingley /
It’s strictly a passion for the state I was raised in /
Settlements are placed in a place that’s amazing /
Green fields for grazing, cities for the socialites /
Yorkshire is the place keeps me warm through the coldest nights //

In a comfy old Yorkshire town /
Where it’s pouring down /
And the skies are Grey /
Inside drinking cups of tea /
It’s enough for me /
To let my mind escape /
Where there’s rolling hills /
And a load of mills /
And they harvest grade /
And though most want to go /
It’s still our home /
And Dub Y’s the name //

Dub Y is the name of the Shire I reside in /
So the accent you hear shouldn't be a surprise when /
I open my mouth to recite them /
Words that I scribbled down, capture the vibes then /
Despite them hating my rhymes bring imagery /
Rather spit thousands of words than a picture piece /
Not cos my drawings lack skill or ability /
But to put it simple these / heads would be in guillotines /
Picture this / stone built housing surrounded /
By green hills enclosing the township / soak in the brown cliffs /
When Ilkley Moor baht at's the most known track from around it's /
Time for a change from the outset /
Don't watch what Emmerdale farm says /
Braddy int a Last of the Summer Wine farce, let’s /
Be honest, every city has a dark side you don't cross /
A place where the hope’s lost, but we chose to be more than most thought /
Was possible, smarter than the rest created /
Chavs are dangerous; a chav with brains is underestimated /
Despite the attire and dialect I utilise /
I calculate my words, this tracksuit is my suit and tie //

In a comfy old Yorkshire town /
Where it’s pouring down /
And the skies are Grey /
Inside drinking cups of tea /
It’s enough for me /
To let my mind escape /
Where there’s rolling hills /
And a load of mills /
And they harvest grade /
And though most want to go /
It’s still our home /
And Dub Y’s the name //
Track Name: Darwin Theory meets Dr Ice
Darwin Theory
I was walking through the school hall when I saw Kyle
The first thing I thought was, “he’s got no style”

Dr Ice
Yeah well, when I saw you, I was doing it on purpose
I thought, “I don’t even wanna know who this nerd is”

Darwin Theory
Dude you got a pumpkin pie hair cut with curtains
And a sense of humour as good as a Germans

Dr Ice
Well, you play Warhammer and constantly loose
While I’m on the internet; abusing the n00bs

Darwin Theory
I’m the best gamer ever, period.

Dr Ice
Are you serious??

Darwin Theory
Yeah, I will beat you delirious

Dr Ice
At least I don’t wear a retainer with food in it
When you have to eat a crisp it takes like two minutes

Darwin Theory
Nice shirt, who’s is it?

Dr Ice
Your Moms, she took it off so we could go do business

Darwin Theory
Don’t even go there, my Mom’s a saint

Dr Ice
She took one look in my eyes and proceeded to faint

Darwin Theory
Your favourite genre of music is soft rock

Dr Ice
No it’s not, I like Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg

Darwin Theory
That’s pretty neat, have you heard of GeekNet?
It’s an up and coming radio show with street cred

Dr Ice
Uhh Duhh…I invented it

Darwin Theory
Are you serious?! Is there any way I could get on it?

Dr Ice
Uhh…No and No
I’m not letting somebody lame on my show

Darwin Theory
Are you really Dr Ice? I need to see some proof

Dr Ice
Here’s my business card, take at least two
Follow me on twitter @geeknetDrIce

Darwin Theory
Got it, right, uhhhh are you on tonight?

Dr Ice
Uhhh Duhhh…you know this dude

Darwin Theory
Well I’ve got some albums here we could review

Dr Ice

Darwin Theory
Some crap from a county in the U.K.

Dr Ice
Are you lame? Those English guys aren’t too great
I’d rather eat a soufflé whilst from tooth ache

Darwin Theory
Touché - I think we make a good team, what do you say?

Dr Ice
Ermm no…but what’s your name?

Darwin Theory
My name’s Chuck

Dr Ice
Chuck what?

Darwin Theory
Chuck Ceena, like the wrestler John Ceena but I’m no relation

Dr Ice
Listen n00b have you got a name which is more appropriate for the radio?

Darwin Theory
Yeah I got a really, really good n--, I been thinking about it ya know

Dr Ice
Hit me with it

Darwin Theory
Well it’s kinda based on like, evolution cos I’m a big fan of Charles Darwin

Dr Ice
Ok ok

Darwin Theory
So I kinda thought – Darwin Theory?

Dr Ice
That’s so lame
Track Name: Red Zone
Gimme a beat, I'll go off on a rant /
About how cash is in short supply at my bank /
Or how I want my own place again, but I can't afford it /
So I'm living with my folks back in Thornbury /
See I wanna be stacking more papers, so I trained up /
To be an electrician, just to make some /
Now I'm trying to do a course to harvest solar power on the roof tops /
And money is the key to all my blues, what? /
No it wouldn't buy me happiness, and yes I'm obsessed with it /
But who doesn't want a few extra credits with /
A few less being debited, while you're trying to save up, you’re getting ripped /
The taxman’s taken all my everything /
And what’s the point unless you're earning mega bucks /
Your getting f___ / steady look, the point I'm making is there’s many cuts /
We're facing it's unfair when you pay your share, but the rest are crooks /
Most too rich to care and those that take begrudge /
Unlike the most of you; my job is satisfying /
Still I cast my eye on being a muso though I'm 9 to 5ing /
6-days a week, most weeks, except December /
Last time I was off work and ill? I can't remember /
And it’s good when you're your own boss /
But if you don't work or you've no jobs then your dough’s lost /
And its soul destroying when you underprice 'em /
When estimating, but my dad says, “that comes with time, son” /
At the age of twenty well, I thought I'd have it sussed /
By the age of 26, I’m realising I am just /
Another guy designed to fail; maybe I'm defunct /
Or maybe I can't see the light as much as I once could //

Chorus x2
I make music for those wearing headphones /
And I've used it for pent up aggressed tones /
If you choose this to booze with or get stoned /
It's defusing my stressed dome out the red zone //

I’ll probably have Mr Nice Guy on my head stone /
Playing “No Regrets” at my laid-to-rest home /
Right now I’m in my twenties though, trying to get known /
And earn enough green so me and Mrs ExP can forget those /
Episodes of the multi-series sitcom /
Us repeating each day with a shh job, p_____ off /
It’s not what I planned for the time being /
But I’m seeing these times leaving me behind with an idea /
Of what might have been /
Just want life to leave me alone, I’m trying to dream! /
There’s no time to breathe /
Still I catch myself inhaling and exhaling /
Time moves forward this day and then that day and /
Another year gone, it’s insane but I’m mad saying /
I’m different to anyone who sleeps wakes and then cash chases /
But I learnt something /
There’s nothing worse than complaining about how it works with no alternative /
And for certain this is /
A journey you won’t complete, it’s unique but it’s purposeless /
And you’re a miracle of probability to see the earth’s surfaces /
You were created in the stars’ furnaces /
Each atom brought together to form one person that /
For some reason is aware they exist but isn’t certain if /
They prefer their wallpaper in violet or purple. Shh /
Pull yourself together /
Cos you might look at life like a fight contender /
That’s three times the height of you and twice as clever /
That you keep taking on to decide who’s better /
But fight it or hide it’ll find and get ya /
Don’t have to take advice I’m not trying to lecture /
For so long I put aside my life to strive for cheddar /
At the end of the day life’s a lesson /
Don’t learn that it was just a waste of time and effort //

Chorus x2
I make music for those wearing headphones /
And I've used it for pent up aggressed tones /
If you choose this to booze with or get stoned /
It's defusing my stressed dome out the red zone //

Whether you sit alone getting stoned, or play so much that you’re never home /
Either way some things are set in stone /
Happiness can only ever be achieved /
If you work hard cos nothing in life is ever easy /
And yeah I realise we all have a certain cause /
And there's no reason why mine should be worse than yours /
I turned a corner when I learned to love my challenges /
I guess the gloves are off now I’ve toughened up my calluses /
I’m not embarrassed if I need a little help though /
Think about the time my arm was hanging off my elbow /
Money would be easy if I had the balls to sell coke /
But I’ve got a conscious of myself, so instead I’m broke /
And always on the hunt to try and stack another fund /
This crazy world has made me think that life without it isn't fun /
Just the same as everyone, tell me where has heaven gone? /
I feel as though I’m only ever seeing what the devil’s done /
I need to find a place to get away and think a bit /
Before I bust a vessel like my head’s a sinking ship /
Stressing from the pressure on the biggest cliff /
Suicidal thoughts like Biggie Smalls, I’m on the brink of it /
I feel the need to make a change now, a difference, a point, a purpose, a time for my age /
I’m not just a rhymer that writes on a page, and recites on the stage, with the lights on my face /
There's a time and a place so I wanna be there /
It makes no sense to me to be stopping to stare /
With nothing prepared and feeling like none of it’s fair /
There's 7 billion on the planet you say none of them care?//

Chorus x2
I make music for those wearing headphones /
And I've used it for pent up aggressed tones /
If you choose this to booze with or get stoned /
It's defusing my stressed dome out the red zone //
Track Name: The Negativity
I was born a, fortunate guy with a portion of pie /
Not silver-spoon fed just a shiny fork and a knife
I bin...awkward and shy - nearly all of my life /
But something about rap gave me all my pride /
Started performing at nights - I was awful on mics /
But you gotta start somewhere, I was in awe of the guys /
Who could tear it up with a freestyle and talk to the minds /
Till one day the sickest one of em, pulled me aside /
Took my number said we should hook up and mek beats /
“ExPerimentality” was too long so he named me “ExP” /
And that stuck, he taught me how to rap good /
Then we’d head out of Bradford and get mashed up /
Years later best friend became enemy /
But there’s no use in just cultivating a negative memory /
Cos I still use the energy in every free I ever speak /
And if he ever gets to see this track I wrote this specially to //

Clear my head of the negativity /
Living’s been filling my head with hate since the date of my delivery /
...But life’s too short for that /
Cos one day we’ll be dying and we’ll want it all back /
Clear my head of the negativity /
Living’s been filling my head with hate since the date of my delivery /
...But life’s too short for that /
Cos one day we’ll be dying and we’ll want it all back //

Now we’ve got to keep productive, like I'm a factory /
The fact of the matter is - I've lost my batteries /
I need a positive connection to jump up /
And kick the negative vibes and stop with this dumb luck /
Possibly one option would be cracking a smirk /
Not a smile until I find myself residing from work /
Free from the jerks tryna climb the corporate mountain /
Monkeys in suits stood shouting, well I’m out then /
Make my own fate, food for my own plate /
Make a few moves in exchange at my own rate /
Going straight for my goals cos this gold aint /
Going to grow straight from the ground like some old grape /
I’m going out to find my soul mate and be loved /
And if you want to join in then feel free to feel good /
I’m thinking we should go down in history /
For trying to stop the negative vibes I feel killing me // (so)

Clear your head of the negativity /
Living’s been filling my head with hate since the date of my delivery /
...But life’s too short for that /
Cos one day we’ll be dying and we’ll want it all back /
Clear your head of the negativity /
Living’s been filling my head with hate since the date of my delivery /
...But life’s too short for that /
Cos one day you’ll be dying and you’ll want it all back //

We gotta keep positive / and lets be honest it's /
Easier said than done, that much is obvious /
And it's a fact, all of us face the mill /
Where you'd like to pay the bills but you're tryna make a million /
You might hate your boss; you're inclined to kill him /
Despite this in your mind it's fulfilling /
To smile for a little while and chill then /
Take a deeper breath in your lungs till you've filled them /
And relax /
Feel the stress leaving you /
It really helps to clear your head when it's getting full /
And right now mine's clouded by the break up /
Though I'm still bouncing round to great drums, safe love /
After time you'll realise you it was proper blast /
And just be grateful of what you had and what you'll have /
And though you're hurting now; I'll guarantee /
All you need to do to improve your mentality // (is)

Clear your head of the negativity /
Living’s been filling my head with hate since the date of my delivery /
...But life’s too short for that /
Cos one day we’ll be dying and we’ll want it all back /
Clear your head of the negativity /
Living’s been filling my head with hate since the date of my delivery /
...But life’s too short for that /
Cos one day you’ll be dying and you’ll want it all back //
Track Name: Guitat
I’ve got artists to promo, including my solo stuff /
When’s that coming out? /
I don’t know but /
My composure’s just /
Ok at a so-so push /
Now I’m so grown up /
I mosey on home but I don’t own up /
...How much the day got me feeling low so much /
...I’m the one that who wrote those hooks /
About taking negatives and getting ‘em to go turn plus /
So I hope that folks will go slow don’t rush /
It’s a miracle you’re here but your ozone’s f---- /
Postpone the progress or smoke donuts /
Choose action or apathy and don’t show up /
Not trying to hurry you on though, no rush /
We’re designed to capture moments like a photo does /
Cos this whole globe must /
Have a focus on blowing stuff up since we’re all going bust /
...But the sun’ll keep shining /
Behind the clouds, it might not be out but I keep reminding /
Myself that there’s nowt worse than dying /
I just gotta hold every moment closer and keep surviving //

Put on a beat, drift away, let my thoughts go /
Though often I'm torn, broke, all my force flows /
Prolly shown all my flaws caught in my scrawled notes /
Still pretty puzzled by the universe’s source code /
Lord knows what I've prayed for /
Usually respectful whilst saying look after my pares or /
The friends that I care for /
Dependent on them more than I'd dare to let 'em depend on /
Me, though I try to keep promises /
To-me honesty's the key principle you should honour, see /
When the world resting on my shoulders again /
That’s when I've faltered and friends can help to bolster my Zen /
(Still) I know I'm getting there / where? I'll know one day /
For now I'm content with a roast on a Sunday /
Here's a toast to my good mates, the things that I'm blessed with /
And to every word placed I feel stress lift //

Chorus x2
Although I’m not where I want to be /
I know one day that I’ll be free /
A place where I can clearly see /
That maybe we can make it //

I need to clear my head from all the bad vibes /
And push the level, raise the bar and let my flag fly /
Just for the fact I, know what I’ve got within /
Don’t want to waste it or loose cos I’ve got to win /
Yeah I’m competitive; it’s just the way I’m programmed /
You only have to go and ask anybody who knows Dan /
I turn my hand to anything, I gotta go HAM /
I guess I’ll be that way until the day that I'm an old man /
That’s when I get the chance to sit back and rest a bit /
Hopefully impressed knowing that I made the best of it /
I know I’m stressed thinking how I never benefit /
But then again I’m not supposed to know cos I aint read the script /
I guess the lesson is get a grip /
And just let it rip with a rhythm that’s better than the rest of them could ever spit /
Yet I’m a pessimist opposite of a Methodist /
Never the less the effort is excellent setting precedence /
I never expect it given; I know I gotta work /
I’m not a jerk just because I don’t follow a church /
Nor am I saved cos I guess you've gotta want it first /
Killing in his name, now you tell me who's got it worse //
Track Name: Kinelligent
Billie Holiday (sample)
You weren’t scared to go ‘em then haaha what is this ish now?

Now most of rap, I’m not feeling it /
With your clothes and hats, I’m not feeling it /
Dance tracks and that, I’m not feeling it /
Yeah I see you pose, relax, I’m not feeling it /….
…You see what really got me listening /
When I was just an innocent law abiding citizen /
Was the rhythm of raw rhymes, and raps from the early 90's /
Tracks with kicks, snares and hi-hats that shuffle slightly //

Damn bloody right we, bumped it nightly /
Nothing I need more than tight beats and lovely rhyme schemes /
It, looked unlikely this chump in IT would convert a bunch of pipe dreams /
To something I breathe //

Yeah its necessary uncover nice themes /
Get your mind seen to if it’s not your cup of chai tea /
It’s the Flame Grill supplying heaters for a dry scene /
And I’m not feeling it…unless it’s by me //

I’m unpredictable, speak it in every syllable /
The vitamins and minerals in life for me are lyrical /
Surprised to see a minimal style on the beat as still as ill /
Flame griller build and show you how to ride the vibe with skill //

Semi-Conscious rappers trying not to blather /
On a track about the graft I put into this it’s like nothing matters /
But nothing has to when I’ve got my passion put in action /
I couldn’t have asked for a better platform to put my wrath on //

And nearly all the other cats are lacking discipline /
But when it comes to content versus image, fashionistas win /
And sadly with this industry of fascination /
It’s the shiny packaging, not the substance of the music wrapped within //

Now most of rap, I’m not feeling it /
With your clothes and hats, I’m not feeling it /
Dance tracks and that, I’m not feeling it /
Yeah I see you pose, relax, I’m not feeling it //

...An I’m not feeling it either /
It seems like my TV receiver’s infested with festering pests and celebrity media /
Radio’s either the BBC or the /
Police are trying to crack down on it /
But the pirate stations are not counterfeit /
We’re independent and proud of it /
Down to risk pounds and quids, keep it how it is /
Or improve it, cos with this Itunes nuisance, new music needs funding or no-one will produce it /
It’s too simple to forget the path /
Creativity over finding a cheque to cash /
...Life’s hard enough when the rent attacks /
License, water, electric, gas – then there’s tax /
And when we snap, cos no-one’s getting paid more /
Independents get forced out and winner takes all /
And we remain poor /
Something’s got to give /
At least the music’s good
But it’s not it’s shh /
And all I hear is wannabees trying to make their sound fit /
Instead of trying to bring something new that’ll sound sick /
So consider my face spited and nose removed /
Cos I’d rather make it dope than just clone some tunes /
That flipping 808 drum pack is over used /
And your vocoded vocals just show that you /
Can’t sing, lack originality and need to quit /
Cos like Addverse said I aint f______ feeling it //
Track Name: GeekNetRadio
Dr Ice
What’s happening folks? It’s err…Dr Ice here, err.. you’re in tune to GeekNetRadio.com.org.co.us/geeknet – ahg!! I’m sitting here with my number one nemesis/co-host – Darwin Theory…

Now my name is Dr Ice

Darwin Theory
…And I’m Darwin Theory

Dr Ice
Turn the mic on!

Darwin Theory
Is that better can you hear me?

Dr Ice
Yes now, can we get back to our review show?

Darwin Theory
Well you’re the one who started it so you go

Dr Ice
Oh…Well first for analysis is “Jack Flash – Progression”

Darwin Theory
Ahhh I’d give this about…

Dr Ice
Hold on, lemme guess…erm – 7?

Darwin Theory
No way, you’re too kind

Dr Ice
But why not? This guy’s great!

Darwin Theory
Are you kidding?! I give this album like minus 8!

Dr Ice
Oh well, then, next on the list is Dirty Sterling

Darwin Theory
I heard this one but…I’m not certain

Dr Ice
But it features all the guys from WY’s crew!

Darwin Theory
Out of 205 – I give this crap 2

Dr Ice
Ok then, so what about this Flame Griller album?

Darwin Theory
It’s like errr… a Cessna v the Millenium Falcon

Dr Ice
How come?

Darwin Theory
Well first they got a song about a fly, which when I heard it made a piece inside of me die…
Secondly all three emcees are lame

Dr Ice
Yeah they need to step in the frame and get with the game

Darwin Theory
Yeah but not as lame as all those beats they’ve chose

Dr Ice
Yeah who composed em some n00b whose computer is broken?

Like I said, you’ve been listening to GeekNetRadio – I’ve been you’re host Dr Ice! Ha!

Darwin Theory
And errr…I’ve been your chief investigator, statis…errr…stician? Reviewer: Darwin Theory…shout out to all the ladies out there.

Dr Ice
Alright – now don’t forget to hit us up on Twitter, we got Facebook pages, we got a lotta stuff so please catch the show please do so
Track Name: Wuntathought
Yo – I write for the left of it /
Live for the death of it /
Laugh like I never did /
Work it out – like a clever kid /
There’s benefits to getting ready but instead of this /
I just did it, made my mark and remembered it /
Forgetting it, is a bi-product of a short memory /
Hope my music reaches all centuries /
More leisurely, in the way I distribute my core energies /
And spend time with Evie, Laura, or Emily /
Both Uncle and Godfather /
Time’s a squeeze since I dropped part of my life to work at hip-hop harder /
No fully stocked larder /
Need cash but I’m not starving /
Need socks darned but I’m not starkers /
Winter’s cold on my toes /
But these holes in my clothes /
Just signs my soul’s aligned with the goal that I chose /
Writing in dark rooms, counterbalancing arse tunes /
From cartoons, controlled by chart sharks that should be harpooned! //

I…wuntathought – getting heard was so difficult
I…wuntathought – everyone was so cynical
I…wuntathought – it would take a flipping miracle, to make something major out of something so minimal

I…wuntathought – that I’d still make the best of it
I…wuntathought – that I’d stop being a pessimist
I…wuntathought – one day would be so effortless, the next like climbing Everest
Get the gist?

You should know the crew name, true – and the heads I roll with /
How we keep tracks fresh on a budget /
Cos truth be known, I bin working on the studio /
The music home of Sinoptic – fluent with no usual quotes /
My script computer wrote, tapping up the smoothest prose /
Cos my handwriting’s messy, plus it’s super slow /
As long as I can read it, that’s all that matters /
But that’s not what my teachers said, back in my classes /
I’ve come a long way since then who’da thought it? /
Probably my parents, always been mad supportive /
I’m lucky that way, not so many are though /
Me I’ll help you out if your car’s broke /
I’m always trying my best, to help those around me /
That way I seem to find peace or maybe it found me /
And until I leave the ground, free /
There’ll be a smile upon my face not a frown see…//

I…wuntathought – getting heard was so difficult
I…wuntathought – everyone was so cynical
I…wuntathought – it would take a flipping miracle, to make something major out of something so minimal

I…wuntathought – that I’d still make the best of it
I…wuntathought – that I’d stop being a pessimist
I…wuntathought – one day would be so effortless, the next like climbing Everest
Get the gist?

Now this is not as easy as I once thought it would have been /
I’m kinda struggling to try and find the love within /
And yo, this is the thing /
I don’t know where to begin /
I just feel the pressure of it building up under my skin /
And when I get a flash of it, running through my habitat /
I just wanna grab at it, reel it in and pull it back /
That’s when you bump the track – I got a vibe to spit /
The theme tune’s to my life and I write the script /
Since age 5 I was like, “yeah, I got it sorted /
By 25 I’ll be signed and I’ll drive a Porsche” /
But even I was cautious /
And didn’t go for it /
Cos now I’m 26 and got a Peugeot to show for it /
Although I know I spit doper than the most of em /
I feel so close to thinking that I’m not supposed to win /
But still I won’t give in – I feel positive /
It’s impossible for me stop now – got the gist?! //

I…wuntathought – getting heard was so difficult
I…wuntathought – everyone was so cynical
I…wuntathought – it would take a flipping miracle, to make something major out of something so minimal

I…wuntathought – that I’d still make the best of it
I…wuntathought – that I’d stop being a pessimist
I…wuntathought – one day would be so effortless, the next like climbing Everest
Get the gist?
Track Name: Starting Up
If ya...not having fun with it be done with it /
That wild goose hunting trip, you don’t have to take it if you can duck it quick /
Nuff of us struggle to rub together a couple quid /
Funding the bloody government, everyone suckered in /
Discovered that with some optimism /
You can stop the politicians creaming off the top from your job and your pot to p*** in /
Natural competition is not your opposition /
It wasn’t till 26 that I got that wisdom /
Started to help unify the West of Yorkshire /
It’s less important to make it corporate, we gave it order /
Now everyone’s chatting collaborating and cyphering /
We’ve pretty much created our own hip-hop environment /
And it’s only fuelled by positivity and like mindedness /
So next time you decide to hate on something, ask why the f___ /
Everything has opportunities if you look hard enough /
And take it from someone who’s only just starting up //

We’re just starting up x8

Chief Wigz
So when I start up, I start with a star jump /
A bit of Art Garfunk radio Gaga gumpf /
The parkour stunts man, adapt to the terrain /
Retrain; reclaim game yeah, as the climate change /
But I stay true /
Stabilisers remain removed /
In a scene so old, but it feels so brand new /
Bang like Kung Fu bamboo, to a Youtube near you /
They say, “jump” and we say, “kangaroo” /
We say we can do, when they say we can’t /
But you can’t control creativity that spills from the heart /
Kill to deliver skill, like to wield a ninja star /
Flame Grill to chill down at ExP’s yard /
United culture establishing in times so hard /
But above all an environment to spit some bars /
Give us, half a yard man we’ll take the lot /
You thought we’d done all we could? – But we’re just starting up //

We’re just starting up x8

Better off the top than what you lot could speak in three attempts /
West Yorkshire’s team event, we speak in sequences /
Never the queens English I guess you could say we speak in French /
giving it tongue and cheek like were comedians, even non believers now got something to start believing in /
These are the ingredients, discipline, obedience, timing is the key but confidence makes you a genius /
Either way we gonna make the situation be the best were never gonna stop it until we’ve got the nation seeing sense /
Lunar's up at the top, flash is not gonna flop, matter of fact Lego’s rapping hot /
We got, JND upper cutting grannies the lot, you didn't know that Chief Wigz prefers a cat to a dog /
You must be living under a rock, placed in the past, no face but a mask, perform the most amazing of tasks /
Making Yorkshire the most important place on the map //

We’re just starting up x8

Since we decided to align the stars from round our way it’s crazy now /
I mean from mithering about the charts to laying down /
Another joint displaying how the movement’s gained momentum sorrta /
From a few dudes making sense to group from West o’t Yorkshire /
And if you checked seen the vids we post you should have done /
Or else I’m coming round your house with photos of your chuffing Mum /
The style’s not bubblegum designed to make you dance around /
It’s the type enticing heads to rupture spinal columns…ouch! /
I don’t care if you’re a veteran with stars to prove it /
You can’t freestyle, you’re useless /
And the only rule is /
Nothing pre-written goes, it’s a free – no scribbled notes /
And don’t be chatting over me when I’m spitting flows /
And if you’re dropping fire, likely find me saying, “yeah!” /
Got ExP going, “WhoOo” and cats are dapping, state your shares /
And in this day it’s rare that heads put aside their egos /
Like minded: I’ve just come to spit a free, bro //

Dr Ice
These guys are starting what? What’s that – starting up?

Darwin Theory
Are they starting their cars cos they won’t start in the morning?

Dr Ice
Are they waiting for the starting gun so they can race?

Darwin Theory
Are they starting the coffee machine so they can get a f____ drink?

Dr Ice
You know what? I wish they’d change the song to, “finishing up” and then just not do anything – that would be way better

Darwin Theory
I’m inclined to agree with you there Dr Ice – this track significantly reduces the errr… score that I gave the album – overall I would have given this starting up lame crap like, 1? 1 out of a million?

Dr Ice
I’m not even sure there’s a decimal out there … it’s so lame

Darwin Theory
What’s up with this outro I mean for God’s sake – how long does this outro go on for?

Dr Ice
All this song does is, “nah nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah nah LAME” I mean it’s so lame – Mom! Can I get a Schweppes in here cos this song has dried me up.
Track Name: Those Are Sheep
Charles Bukowski (sample)
I think everything is a sheet of sun and the best of everything is myself walking through it…
Wondering about the pure nerve of the life thing going on:
After the jails the hospitals the factories the good dogs the brainless butterflies…

I'm on that true classy jazzy vibe /
Underground, pushing up; the stalagmite / representing Bradford, that’s the standard line /
Smack bang, the epicentre out to capture masterminds /
Feeding off the content, getting high, pacified /
To whom it's a godsend we grabbed a mic /
The movements upon, yes, I have to write /
Never forced freshness, on the offensive, unclassified /
Nothing that you've heard before; searched or thought “that's what proper rap is like” /
I've got a appetite the size of a planets width /
To saturate this game with substance that it's lacking in /
It's not too late to pull the plug on your radio /
Aren't you tired of hearing those fools with the samey flows? /
I'm feeling sorry for cats that’s started dumbing down /
I'm keeping eyes on my pride / not the money, clowns are funny /
But I'd rather spit it really real over beats /
Not one to follow trends coz those are sheep //

Those Are Sheep x4

Never bin shepherded,
In today’s celebrity driven petulance it’s essentially etiquette /
Sure I’m a pessimist /
They follow trends to fit in /
Too scared to be different /
Gossip columns and fashion b_______ is barely existence /
Gifted /
A miracle from the moment of conception /
But for the majority of em there’s only one direction /
And so we’re in recession evolution’s now regression /
And we’re a bunch of couch potatoes on the sofa sweating /
...Reaching for the remote’s the only stretching /
No knowledge, spend every moment guessing /
And meanwhile the media fill our heads with the message /
“Keep spending and stay afraid of the unknown you cretins” /
Tax evasion by corporations refusing to spend /
But incorrect self assessment forms get pursued like revenge /
It’s useless get used to used to it the future is bleak /
Your opinion and views are too weak and you’d be stupid to speak /
Just do the deeds that you need to do to pay off the debt /
Maybe you’ll get rewarded with retirement a day before death /
The time has definitely been and gone to make a request /
Perhaps admit we need change instead of shaking your head /
Those that don’t agree, and think people that vote are geeks /
And probably own Ugg Boots and leopard print clothes...those are sheep //

Those Are Sheep x2

Never get caught on the barbed wire /
I make sure when I jump I jump higher /
My entire empire is crumbling around me /
Still I stand proudly /
Out you can’t count me /
Quiet is played loudly – soft’ll get roughed up /
Life’s like a razorblade – stuck to a nunchuck /
If you don’t look you don’t see so you won’t duck /
Cut so deep that the holes can’t be sown up /
Following the crowd - hanging round like some livestock /
Walk like a robot – act like life’s stopped/
Wait till your times up /
Slaves to the man machine /
Dreams are erased and replaced by a flag and queen /
Dragons stack the cream – politicians scrap and scheme /
Then we have the media to fill in all the gaps between /
Just static sheep – no good for man or beast /
Programmed to stand and speak but only fractions deep /
They can’t see it for the wool in their eyesight /
Blinded by the struggle for the money and limelight /
Funny how hindsight gives a little clarity /
To look back and challenge those who manage our society /
Claiming that our lives are free, and that it’s your body /
Still you’re getting chased into place, by a border collie /
I don’t support it sorry, I’ve got a mind to speak /
And mine will not be fleeced cos I am not a sheep //

Charles Bukowski (sample)
There is really nothing you can do easily: live or die or accept fame or money or defeat, it’s all hard. The opera says this, the dead birds the dead countries the dead loves the man shot because somebody thought he was an elk the elk shot because somebody thought it was an elk. All the pure nerve of going on.
Track Name: Flame Gorillas
Gorillas in the mist, it’s Flame Griller in the midst /
Of some guerrilla tactics so you have to give it in and quit /
It’s not the scrilla stacking, pimping, macking, fiction that we live /
That’s the banana peel you flipping actors slip upon and trip /
Monkey bars from these bunch of ‘tards /
Something our country does in halves
Is come with something hard to bump up in your car /
Gotta throw a bunch of ‘nanas at the farce /
And play Superfly and Starting Up until the sun outdoes the dark /
I was once a young upstart burning blunts up in the park /
Listened to rap noise, smoking two fat joints /
Always writing bars, never wondered bout the art
I skipped general studies cos it wasn’t worth the UCAS points /
As you can see a rapper/emcee with a lack of degree /
Isn’t exactly employable and since 2003 /
When I finished my A levels I’ve been grafting away /
An amateur that does it full time, and I’m still rapping today /
Not after fame status, you gain haters and take favours /
From unsavoury fakers that you’ve gotta repay later /
...And I’d rather carve my own name on it, trust /
And keep saving up until I’m a flaming ape in a tux //

…To all the Jungle Massive come on put your hands up /
If you rep a treehouse crib or a mansion /
…We split bananas like cash from a ransom/
You gotta stand up for the Flame Griller anthem /

I don't care about you or yours / I care about me and mine /
Tearing out a piece of my soul to put in beats and rhymes /
I'm not monkeying around for your benefit /
Flame Griller: the best medicine: stress sedative /
Whatever you said int ever fresh, edit it /
We're the plus to your negatives / you couldn't get the gist /
The main difference is clear and apparent /
The content reveals the realness and talent / adhere to the challenge /
Of changing the way that we appear to the masses /
Get your brain in gear to understand it's just the way that we planned it /
There’s no escaping the damage, cause a crater on any stage that we landed /
Display a page above the basics of language /
…Take a breath there, what I'm tryna say /
We raise the bar higher than you on a day to day /
While you lames pick your arse on some monkey tip /
We'll be going ape, three gorillas on a hunting trip //

…To all the Jungle Massive come on put your hands up /
If you rep a treehouse crib or a mansion /
…We split bananas like cash from a ransom/
You gotta stand up for the Flame Griller anthem /

Swinging gorilla with the grip of an iron fist /
An orangutan man trying to fix up fire sticks /
Flame Grilling gibbons on a mission if they try resist /
Claim it’s as important as a chimp is to a scientist /
King Louie likeness eating ‘nanas where the Mayans lived /
Hanging on a tyre when tired wired from lighting twigs /
Fighting for survival it’s vital I kill off tribal kids /
Cos mans’ design is frightfully spiteful and full of violence, its /
Silverback leviathans striking as quick as lightning /
Strangling Tarzan with a python if I get sight of him /
Hiding like a sniper with a rifle with the widest grin /
Cos when I play I never lose – only right I will win /
It’s like I’m donkey mixed with a space alien /
When you say, “no homo” I follow it up with, “sapien” /
Nobody is greater than the predator invading em /
It’s King Kong climbing up the Empire State again //

w…what are we doing with this bit?

Just leaving it

Chorus x2
…To all the Jungle Massive come on put your hands up /
If you rep a treehouse crib or a mansion /
…We split bananas like cash from a ransom/
You gotta stand up for the Flame Griller anthem //
Track Name: Keys 5
Trying to maintain the first law of motion /
Without an equal and opposite force approaching and opposing /
Devoting time to making drops in the ocean /
At the cost of being broke, with nothing to float with /
Not one to stand outside job centres, frozen /
Besides, music helps me get lost in the moment /
I’d rather be that, than stuck in the past /
Looking back or worrying about what’s coming and that /
I occasionally plan ahead but I tend to do it quietly /
Can’t rely on the outcome or be arsed with anxiety /
A side of me is all about rivalry and competition /
The other side loves bed and television /
Half creative, half a specialist in demolition /
I’m sick of it, but won’t get well with penicillin /
Have a quiet word with myself – but I seldom listen /
Can’t decide if life’s designed for this or we’ll well conditioned //

Don’t Stop Moving (x16)

It’s one of those days where I feel like I’ve wasted it /
Woke up late and didn’t even get a taste of it /
Some may say that I’m as lazy as… /
Well if that’s the case then I guess God made me this /
I’m not blaming him, I’m not an atheist /
Nor do I believe I’m in control of fate and twists /
I made a list, wrote my name on it /
Now I’m trying to change from the lane that I’m sailing in /
And no question though, it’s a deep one /
For the passion alone I feel I can speak on /
This is the reason, I don’t know its meaning /
I only know it’s right what I eat, breathe and sleep and /
Even though I’m dealing with emotional grieving /
I can’t stand to see us separate and just leaving it /
Believe me, I’m a split – on the one hand /
I feel the love’s gone but I’m gonna carry on man… //

Don’t Stop Moving (x16)

I hate that the clock’s turned back an hour now it’s winter time /
And I feel more drained than I did, despite /
The only minor factor is the sun rising earlier /
I guess the seasonal disturb the serotonin working to /
Alleviate the stress levels peaking in my chest /
Speaking is the best medicine for heads meddled with /
I get settled into unloading everything /
That’s rattling around in my mental with intent to bring /
Me crashing down in a second think quicker though /
And before it’s too late I took a different road /
And it’s through this approach that I’ve adapted my /
Coping strategies to match the life assignment I’ve aligned /
Sip a 5Alive, going in the right direction /
Living 9 to 5 – wrote my soul on every section /
That I’ve ever been fortunate enough to work on /
I do this for me, that’s for certain //

Don’t Stop Moving x16